People shocked as a boat goes out of control on a canal in Sale

People on the Bridgewater Canal tow path were shocked last night as a white boat with around 7 men lost control.


One member of the public told us that he had seen the boat speeding down the canal at a rate of knots bringing with it huge waves behind, others were shocked at what they had seen.

The boat got near to Timperley when someones hat fell into the canal, it was then one individual almost lost balance when the boat suddenly went out of control and was heading for the embankment, the man sitting on the front of the boat holding a bottle of beer put his legs out to stop the boat from crashing.

Sadly the boat did crash, then it spun around and crashed into the other side, the man on the front of the boat could have easily been thrown into the canal.

The white boat then headed back to Sale, shortly after it turned again, heading back to Timperley where it vanished behind another boat.

The side they were last seen was on the Metrolink side and the path is not very good.

We have alerted The Friends of Bridgewater Canal of what happened and will update this article once they have rsponded.



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