Why are we seeing so many military aircraft in Manchester?

Many people are starting to get a little concerned after seeing a bigger military presence in Greater Manchester.

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We can assure everyone that several of these aircraft seen are just training or even just going through and landing at City Airport to refuel.

Weather man Martin Miles sent in a great iPhone picture of a RAF Puma helicopter that was seen flying over Wythenshaw, he tells us that he saw several helicopters flying over the hospital and doing some training around that area.

Chinook helicopters have been seen many times going over Sale, our photographer has cgot  many military helcopter pictures, he told us once he saw a Chinook helicopter in Partington that was so low he could see everyone on board.

Many other military aircraft fly over Trafford for displays, just recently we saw a WW2 RAF Dakota aircraft flying over Partington heading for Lymm.

Its a great seeing them flying over, if you see a military helicopter or aircraft over Trafford send in your pic with your name and where you took the shot and we will add it to this article.

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