Popular YouTube blogger gets unwanted attention by cows during a live stream

A popular YouTube blogger had unwanted attention during a live stream this morning (July 5th)

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Ian R Crane with cows:Image YouTube

Ian R Crane who has over 38,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel was presenting his live stream on the Lancashire Moors at 8.30am he did a good job of getting everything he wanted to say out live on air as the cows came too close to the presenter.


The stats are that 17 people have died in the UK as a result of cows trampling on them, some were to do with digs, it seems they do not like dogs.

Crane also did everything wrong with the curious cows during the live stream, when confronted with cows you must remain calm and no sudden movements as this could cause them to fear you.

Although he said that he was on a public path, the cows were able to touch the blogger so maybe he was inside the fencing.

Ian’s live streams are normally about politics and sensible advice, with a little bit of conspiracy thrown in, lots of heckling media though even though he can be seen on many of his live streams and videos reading newspapers and quoting what he has seen on the TV.

If you want to view his content head over to YouTube and search Ian R Crane, you can view his live streams normally on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, he also has other work up and down the country and has been involved in some interesting campaigns.

His presentation skills are great, and you will enjoy all his content, even more so with the cow video (above)  which many people watching found informative and funny.

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