The number of people who die from taking mental health medications in the UK has risen

The amount of people who take medications for there mental health issues and die from taking them has gone up.

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According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) in 2017 the amount of recorded cases of people that have died from taking antipsychotics and antidepressants has gone up by 5% although seemingly small the figures could be much more in 2019.

Any deaths from medications is a serious issue.

We are aware of nasty side effects from antipsychotics ranging from fast heart rate, embarrassing sexual problems, dry mouth, dizziness, slurry speech, and others like tardive dyskinesia and weight gain.

It is not known what type of medications those that died were on as there are several types from the first generation to second-generation medications.

A former psychiatrist in the US has blown the lid on what these drugs do to a human, claiming they damage the brain and even cuts short the life of the patient.

Another saying that keeping people either unwell or just about stable (so long as they are taking the medication) is the reason why Big Pharma is so rich, we think this makes perfect sense since they only care about profits, if they got everyone well then they would go out of business!

We agree all medications have side effects.

The same amount (5%) of people also died whilst taking antidepressant medications.

Interestingly 126 deaths were recorded for people who took the sleep tablets Zoplcone and Zolpidem a rise of 32 in 2017.

The Anti-Epileptic drug ‘Pregabalin’ saw 136 deaths in one year in the UK in which the ONS has described as a huge increase, this drug has many side effects you can check on all the side effects of this drug HERE

If you are on medications or know someone on medications they must not come off it, in some cases despite the deaths, some medications help to keep a person stable.

More information about deaths from taking mental health medications can be found HERE

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