Off road bikers causing problems for people on Turn Moss in Stretford

Residents contacted News4Trafford after around 12 guys on off road motorbikes ripped up Turn Moss yesterday evening July 20.


Off Road Bikers at Turn Moss: image by a resident

One individual claimed they were doing around 50mph from one end to the other making it a no go zone for people who wanted to play football or even just to walk the dogs.

The gang ‘we are told’  left a trail of rubbish behind them which included drug wraps.

We are aware some other areas suffer bad with off road bikers, Partington and Flixton seems to always have problems.

Greater Manchester Police are doing what they can with limited powers, one officer said that the off biker guys know we cannot chase them! this is why they can escape from us and why they are such an issue now.

The laws in the UK surrounding off road bikers and numerous other things needs updating and until they do, off road bikers will no doubt cause more issues and sometimes with tragic consequences.

Ripping up a place like Turn Moss and we are told Longford Park is incredibly intimidating for local people who may just want a bit of quiet time or a nice walk with the dog.

Friends of Turn Moss said in a statement:

Sadly this has been happening for months, it seems to be nearly every evening now if the weather is dry.

The riding off road bikes on local authority fields is illegal, dangerous, intimidating and noisy for local residents and users of Turn Moss Fields

The Friends of Turn Moss Commitee & our members are reporting each and every occurrence and we have evidence such as photos we are passing this onto the police.

It is extremely frustrating as Turn Moss is more popular than ever as a place to come and play sport, relax and spend time with friends and family and the Freinds of Turn Moss volunteers have worked hard to improve the site to make it more welcoming.

We are told “Only with enough reports will the police act” they do aknowledge there is a serious problem and our counciillor Anne Duffield is liasing with the Community Support Team.

We just fear it will take someone to be seriously injured or killed before the authorities nforce the law, we would much prefer something is done now to prevent things from escalating.

So we ask people please keep reporting any further incidents to the police and get an incident number using the 101 service, the live chat service on rge GMP website or email LocalCommunity Officer SGT Foster on 16364@gmp.police.uk and you can contact your local councillors know of your concerns.

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