The moment the Iranian military took control of the UK bound Stenna Impero ship


The relations between the UK and Iran have taken a turn for the worse as the Iranian military took control of a UK bound oil tanker ship.

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UK warship was nearby and warned the Iranians not to obstruct or impede the oil ship, these threats were ignored with the Iranian military saying “If you obey nobody will be hurt” and “We do not want a challenge, we are bringing in the ship for security reasons”

Already France, Germany and the US have shown support for the UK after what had happened.

Iran claims the ship was in its waters and not in international waters on the straight of Hormuz.

Sadly the UK has only one warship and we are now seeing why the useless Tory government have left us struggling after huge cuts to our armed services.

All 23 on the Stenna oil ship were not from the UK and all are being held somewhere in Iran.

The shipping in this area is now incredibly dangerous and oil getting through is becoming very difficult which can only mean oil will go up in price.

Military action in this region will have serious consequences for the entire world, this is why the UK is looking for a diplomatic solution.

Stenna Bulk spokesperson said: “Our insurers in the region have been in contact with the Head of Marine Affairs at the Port of Bandar Abbas, who has reported that the crew members of our vessel Stena Impero are in ‘good health’ and that the tanker is at the nearby Bandar Bahonar anchorage.

“The Head of Marine Affairs has asked a formal request be made for a visit to be arranged to the crew members and vessel. We can confirm this formal request is being prepared forthwith.

“Our insurers have also advised that the Head of Marine Affairs has confirmed to them that no instructions have been received so far as to what will happen to the ship.”

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