Partington takeaway improves its hygiene rating score but still has many problems to resolve

A Partington takeaway has improved its food hygiene rating score but many problems still needs to be resolved.

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The Village Green chippy on Hall Lane in Partington known locally as ‘The Green Chippy’ had a handful of problems the last time the inspectors arrived and many still exist.

They have been told that by law they must comply with ‘schedule A ‘ which lists the following:

Management Control:

The inspector said it was apparent from my discussions with you that the ‘Safer food better business’ system is not fully in place.

Allergens: Ensure all staff are trained in food allergens


The inspector noted the pies on display was showing as 53c when the pies should be 75c to make sure all germs are killed, he goes on to say that he believes the pies are no longer cooked in the oven.

Food Safety Act: Old salads were found around 2-weeks out of date, they were ordered to check stock and throw out of date food.

Staff was also ordered to label food in storage to show they are following the ‘Food safety management system’


The floor covering in the kitchen was dirty more so at floor and wall junctions, in and around equipment.

Food equipment was found in a dirty condition, they were ordered to ensure handles and surfaces of equipment are cleaned, encrusted food was found on fridge handles and mildew was found on a chopping board.

Tiles were found to be coming away on a wall at the back.

There were no hygienic hand drying facilities like paper towels at the dirty washbasin.

They were ordered to clear the cardboard from the fridge used to store food on, it cannot be kept clean and brings with it more dirt and germs.

Staff were cleaning tubs that have been used for food by hand the inspector said washing this way is not hot enough to kill bacteria.

The takeaway even through this managed to get a slightly better score going from a 1 to a 2 so some hope for them with that score.

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