Timperley takeaway ordered not to serve food to people who have an allergy

Turkish Grill on Park Road in Timperley has been recently inspected by Trafford Council Environmental Health inspectors.

Screenshot 2018-08-01 at 2.36.10 PM

The Environmental Health  inspectors gave the takeaway a 1 food hygiene rating which is what it had been previously, earlier than that they were flying the flag with a top mark of 5, so what has gone wrong with this establishment?

First let’s look at what the inspectors report said, clearly it told the owner it must not serve food with people who have an allergy, the inspectors say that the staff are not doing any learning about food hygiene or management even though it is free!

They found surfaces greasy and dirty, a dirty canopy that was leaking, no sanitisation, tubs and equipment at the back although washed was still dirty.

The staff was also told not to forget to wash the salad!

We do not know what has happened to the business, it could be a number of things, either way if an establishment like this is still open and trading then it has to make sure all of its customers are safe, by applying some common sense and a little effort Turkish Grill could be the best takeaway in Timperely again and we hope that is the case.



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