River Mersey through Trafford is on flood alert

Despie the extreme heat of the past week the amount of rain we have also had means the river going through Trafford is now on flood alert.


River Mersey in Sale @hpeckitt

The Middle River Mersey catchment including areas near Bramhall, Stockport, Sale, Altrincham and Urmston has seen water rise sharply overnight and into today, here is the very latest information:

  • Sinderland Brook Partington: Localised flooding likely it is now at 0.95m at 11.15am
  • Ashton Weir in Sale: 1.95m for it to flood it would need to get to around 4m
  • Flixton Bridge: 2.22m for it to flood here it would need to be 4.7m
  • Baguley Brook: 1.15m for it to flood here it would need to be 1.22m

You can check the latest information on flooding by clicking this LINK

For now Sinderland Brook in Partington is the only one with a flood alert (with Baguley Brook close to being on flood alert) this would mean parts of Covershaw Lane and Sinderland Lane will be affected.

The weather through next week is predicted to be stormy if true more rain will make things worse and we could see more parts of Trafford under water, you can view the latest weather  information on our own weather page.


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