Timperley Brook in Altrincham on Flood Warning

The Environment Agency has put Timperley Brook in Altrincham on Flood Warning.

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Timperley Brook: Image Google Maps

Timperley Brook runs near to Altrincham Golf Course and some houses nearby are at serious risk of being flooded.

Whilst the Environment Agency was declaring Timperley Brook as a flood warning, we was checking out SInderland Brook in Partington and the water was very high and flowing fast.

The bulls that are on fields near the brook looked very nervous as the water continued to rise and the rain continued to fall, oddly the Environment Agency has since declared that the brook although still on flood alert the levels of water have dropped.

Parts of The River Mersey have slightly dropped, with Flixton Bridge coming close to the 4.7m flooding level, at Sale the river levels have dropped by some margin depite all the rain.

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It is at Timperely Brook though that needs full attention and in a flood warning you need to take action to secure your property, water levels will continue to rise for the next 24hrs.

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