Near record levels of water as Sinderland Brook is just about to flood in Partington

Two flood warnings have been given by the Environment Agency as rivers rise around Trafford.


Sinderland Brook: Image Darren Marsden

Timperley Brook in Altrincham and the River Bollin and Agen Brook at Little bollington (which is more into Cheshire) are on flood warning.

One flood alert is in force for Middle River Mersey catchment around Sale, Altrincham and Urmston.


Walton Park in Sale Raglan Road enterance: Image Darren Marsden

Sinderland Brook in Partingon is just about to flood so people be wary of using Covershaw Lane and Sinderland Lane in the next hour or so, the level its at now is almost record breaking.

Current river level readings:

  • Sinderland Brook Partington- 1.31m the all time highest level recorded was 1.40m
  • River Bollin 1.24m
  • Flixton- 3.30m (not at risk)
  • Sale – 2.63m (not at risk)
  • Baguley Brook  1.13m

Branches fallen in Walton Park Sale: Image Darren Marsden

In a flood warning you must take immediate action to secure your property, emergency services and the Environment Agency will be working hard to ensure your property is watertight and no one including vulnerable people are at risk.

We will keep you updated with river levels: last update 5.30pm

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