Not the Final Destination for passengers on a dodgy flight from Dublin

A Lufthansa flight LH-2515 from Dublin today Aug 3rd to Germany diverted twice and still did not manage to get to Germany.

Screenshot 2019-08-03 at 10.47.44 PM

Lufthansa A321: Image from YouTube

The captain decided to divert the aircraft to Manchester, it came around to land, then a sudden change and it gained some altitude and landed safely at London Heathrow.

Passengers left the aircraft and waited for several hours so the aircraft can be fixed, passengers was allowed back on the aircraft and they all left for Germany.

Sadly this did not happen with the crew of the aircraft experiencing more problems and had to do circles around Belgium, it was then decided by the captain to divert to a Belguim airport.

Passengers left the aircraft in a rage, some clearly upset and many decided to travel with another airline.

Lufthansa was unavailable for comment.

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