Violence and sexual offences continue to be a problem here in Trafford

Violence and sexual offences continue to be a big problem in all parts of Trafford according to official statistics from Greater Manchester Police.


Partington has been long known for its anti social behaviour problems, in the past year though the area has seen a rise in violence and sexual offences.

From July 2018 to June 2019 violence and sexual offences was up 39.1% where as anti social behaviour was up 13.9%

The statistics are for recorded crime so the truer picture could be much higher:

  • Violence and sexual offences – 39.1%
  • Public Order  –  15.1%
  • Anti social behaviour  – 13.9%
  • Criminal damage and arson  – 13.04%
  • Other theft  –  4.2%
  • Vehicle crime  – 2.7%
  • Drugs  – 2.5%
  • Shoplifting  – 2.3%
  • Burglary  – 2.1%
  • Other crime  – 2.1%
  • Possession of weapons  – 1.2%
  • Robbery –  0.8%
  • Cycle theft  – 0.5%
  • Theft from person  – 0.0%

The more concerning aspect of these stats is police taking no further action is at  78% of all crimes, a shocking amount of people are getting away with things, some of the 78% will be the lack of evidence.

Only 18% of crimes listed are under investigation 6% delt with by police and an even smaller margin of people sent to court, so small police could not add a percentage on it.

Partington can though be proud of itself for being the only area in Trafford with a zero percentage of thefts from a person and a very low 0.5% of bike thefts, other crimes like burglary is low.

In Brooklands in Sale things are much different, Burglary is high as is violence and sexual offences here is a July 2018 to june 2019 crime increase stats list:

  • Burglary 22.3%
  • Violence and sexual offences 22%
  • Anti social behaviour 14.9%
  • Vehicle crime 9%
  • Public Order 8.6%
  • Criminal damage and arson 6.7%
  • Other theft 5.3%
  • Shoplifting 3.7%
  • Robbery 2%
  • Cycle theft 1.9%
  • Drugs 1.4%
  • Possession of weapons 0.8%
  • Other crime 0.6%
  • Theft from person 0.3%

It was with no surprise we saw Brooklands in Sale having Burglary at the top spot, surprising thing for us was cycle theft at only 1.9%

Altrincham had an increase of 22% on violence and sexual offences around the town centre and shoplifting was second highest with an increase in 15.4% and cycle theft was 3.4%

Sale town centre had a 22.1% rise in shoplifting which came out tops, second was violence and sexual offences at 19.9% with cycle theft at 4.4%

Urmston town centre saw a huge rise in violence and sexual offences with 27.6% second on the list is anti social behaviour at 16.2% Shoplifting was 8.5% and cycle theft 2.5%

Flixton saw violence and sexual offences topping the percentage list at 25.9% and Anti social behaviour at 16.4%, burglary was in third at 12.8%  cycle theft next to bottom on 0.3%

Timperley Central had violence and sexual offences come out tops with an 25.4% increase, second is burglary at 14.7% and in third place was vehicle crime at 14.7% cycle theft was 1.3%

Stretford Town Centre has a rise in violence and sexual offences of 24.2% and that came out tops, in second place was public order at 17.8% in third place is shoplifting at 11.9% and cycle theft 1.9%

Old Trafford longford east area recorded the highest rise is violence and sexual offences of all parts of Trafford coming out tops at 30.3% in second place was anti social behaviour at 19.1% and in third placeis public order at 13.4%, cycle theft was at 1.4%

Other areas of Trafford recorded higher rates of violence and sexual offences in that one year, looking at the wider picture you are more likely to be a victim of crime in Old Trafford and Altrincham than you are in Partington, you are more likely to be a victim of a burglary in Sale than you are anywhere in Trafford.

Remember though these statistics are for recorded crime only so the bigger picture could be much worse than it seems, it does though give people an idea of what is going on around them and to take steps to help protect yourself and your property.

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