New bar and restaurant proposed for Stretford Mall

A proposal for a new bar and restaurant at Streford Mall has been submitted to Trafford Council planners.

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 9.55.15 PM

Former RBS bank: Image Google Maps

The new proposal will see a change of use to what used to be the RBS bank on Chester Road.

No changes will be made to the outer structure of the building, although expect internal alterations will be made.

The new bar/coffee bar will create between 8 and 10 full time jobs and 4 part time, and the hoirs of intended operation will be 7am until 11pm and the bar will open at 10am until 2am every day.

We think this would be of great benefit to Streford and indeed the entire borough of Trafford and those coming in to visit, although the times of operation may need to be looked at, it is expected to be approved.

You can read the full application by clicking this LINK or use ref: 97701/COU/19

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