Electric Scooter laws in the UK need urgently updating

Electric scooters have been banned from roads and paths for over a century and its time for the government to update the laws.

close up photo of kick scooter handlebar

Riding an electric scooter is fun, it gets people from A to B, with no effort needed just hop on and away you go.

It is a reliable and safe way to travel, in these times of very high pollution where 120,000 people die a year in Manchester from it, we should be taking every opportunity to get people on electric scooters and bikes.

At this time though, people are stuck with an outdated law so old the Romans were still around! well, maybe an exaggeration but you see what I am getting at here.

The safety of electric scooters comes into play, and much thought is needed, they can be dangerous however it is the operator not the scooter at fault, as many of the scooters have disc brakes and even a fail-safe break where you force your foot down on the back wheel.

If people are on a scooter and riding on a path at speed then if police see that individual needs to be stopped and told to calm down, often this will be enough, to do fast speeds on our pavements anyway is more likely to cause the operator harm than anyone else.

Riding a scooter on the road should be fine, riding it in the park and on canal towpaths a breeze so long as the operator understands that he or she needs to slow down or even stop when people are around.

Electric scooters are here to stay and they are a great way to get around doing your bit for the environment.

Wearing a helmet should be made compulsory when riding an electric scooter.
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