Manchester bound Thomas Cook aircraft diverts to Dublin after passenger becomes unwell

A Thomas Cook Airliner MT2849 from JFK in New York to Manchester diverted to Dublin this norning (Aug 7th)


Thomas Cook aircraft: Image Darren Marsden

The reason for the divert was due to a medical on board, one of the passengers fell ill and the captain of the aircraft decided to divert, emergency services were waiting for the unwell female passenger.

279 Passengers on board the Airbus A330 landed safely at Manchester at around 11am

Many of the diverts and emergency landings are mostly to do with unwell passengers, sometimes and on very rare occasions people have died on board an aircraft, even the crew can become unwell as we have seen in recent days with a captain of an EasyJet aircraft having to get emergency treatment on the runway just one stop away from its destination in Italy.



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