New housing development could be built on land next to Trafford College in Altrincham

A new housing development has been proposed on land behind Trafford College in Altrincham.

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If the developer Redrow Homes gets the green light from Trafford planners they will build 40 new homes on land where currently an artificial football pitch is and the associated car park and vegitation which is near a path further north.

The Trafford College Group own the land where the football pitch and car park is and they say the college will benefit with the additional revenue being spent on education facilities.

Several objections have been added to the application and replicates the same issues in Partington that being, overwhelmed medical and shopping facilities, also almost every objection was concerned about environmental issues.

Transport issues and the pollution from the additional cars is also another concern by some residents.

A speed study was done on Stamford Brook Road and it was found all vehicles going Eastbound on average did 30 mph and Westbound 32 mph.

The football pitch could have been given back to the community, on a payment only system even with an upgrade, the college would have clawed back the money spent on it.

Trafford are likely to approve this application.

You can view the entire application by using the following code 98386/OUT/19 in Trafford Planning Search.

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