We can now reveal the most dangerous roads in Trafford

We can now for the first time reveal the most dangerous roads in Trafford and bring you the stats for the past 5-years.


Dangerous driving on Sinderland Lane: Image Darren Marsden

The A56 Chester Road and Washway Road/Manchester Road for the entire length stand out as the most dangerous road in Trafford, from 2015 to 2018, 6 people died in bad car accidents.

in 2018 Trafford saw 9 cyclists involved in serious accidents and several minor accidents, it did not surprise us to see a serious cycling injury on Carrington Lane.

Overall Partington’s worst roads were Warburton Lane and Moss Lane both have had the most accidents with one fatal on Moss Lane.

Sinderland Lane has had 6 car collisions all casualties had minor injuries, we are aware of the death of a cyclist on the same road.

One pedestrian was injured near to the junction of Wood Lane and Oak Road last year in Partington, one pedestrian has serious injuries on A56 in Sale at the junction of Ashfield Road, two people had minor injuries at the Junction of Broad Road, another pedestrian has minor injuries on Dane Road last year.

At Stretford opposite Stretford Mall a pedestrian was hit by a car and is classed as a serious injury, Barton Road in Stretford saw a pedestrian hit by a car and fortunately only had minor injuries and sadly one person died on Jan 2018 on the A56 near Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground, further on an accident to a pedestrian which is classed as serious happened on April 1st.

One person died in Trafford Park in 2018 after being hit by a car, a total of 6 people needed medical attention during this crash.

So we conclude Trafford is a dangerous place whilst out and about, drivers need to slow down, can we blame the lack of police? the lack of reporting making some residents have a false sense of security? are courts not punishing drivers properly? or simply some people are just not switched on and cause their downfall, it is probably a mix of all the things.

Despite a change in administration at Trafford Council, it seems nothing has changed regarding safety on our increasingly hazardous road network.

You can also check out how bad things are in your part of town by clicking this LINK

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