John Alker Hall in Flixton is in need of some urgent renovations to keep it a class venue for ex servicemen and the community

John Alker Hall on Flixton Road needs the help and the generosity of the local community.

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John Alker Hall Flixton: pic Google Maps

They need materials to help repair the toilets and install disabled facilities, they also need the kitchen repairing and also a wheelchair lift to help our elderly veterans and guests reach the first floor for a drink.

Anyone who can help give this much needed hall some TLC please click this LINK all the contact details are on that link.

John Alker himself was a soldier in WW1 and the hall was commisioned by his wife Sabrina after his death in 1920, the hall itself was built in 1927 and as left as a legacy of the armed services and local community.

Today the hall is much loved by ex servicemen and women, and indeed the local community, with lots of entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

The hall though needs your help to get things sorted out, if you are a tradesman, a business who can help out please use the link above, this is a matter of pride, we call on anyone who can help with the things this hall badly needs.

Claire wright from TraffordVets said: “Having served in the HM Forces I am proud of our military history, to have a building like this which was left as a legacy by the family of  a WW1 soldier for veterans and the wider community is a wonderful thing.

“It is only right that John Aker’s story should be kept alive, it is an asset tu the community which nowadays sadly a lot of peopl do not know he reason the hall was built.

“The hall was built in 1927 we now need a little help to give it the TLC and respect it deserves, if you would like to help us or you are a business which could donate some materials or an auction prize then please send an email to: info@traffordveteransuk.co.uk or use the link provided.”

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