PIA flight from Manchester did loops and then aborted a landing last night

A Pakistan Inernational Airways jet PK710 from Manchester to Lahore did not go to plan last night.


PIA710 over Trafford: pic Darren Marsden

The aircraft took off normally at 8.26pm  on Aug 7th then the captain contacted Manchester ATC (Air Traffic Control) about an unknown problem, likely to be a system issue, they did loops around Bolton then the captain decided to return back to Manchester.

Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 11.44.32 AM

PIA710: Image from Flightradar 24

The Boeing 777 got to within 75ft of the Manchester runway when suddenly the aircraft aborted the landing and in an instant got to just over 2000ft, this must have been a scary moment for the passengers more so nervous flyers.

We pictured the aircraft as it was going over Trafford, land ooking on Flight Radar 24 we could see whatever the issue was had been resolved and the aircraft was on its way to Pakistan and landed safely.

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