Air Canada Rouge aircraft diverts in an emergency after suspected hydraulic leak

An AIr Canada Rouge flight AC1901 Boeing 767 diverted to Dublin in full emergency mode this afternoon Aug 9.


Air Canada Rouge over Trafford: Image Darren Marsden

The aircraft was on route to Toronto from Athens when the captain declared an emergency over the UK.

Listening to Dublin Air Traffic Control we found out the aircraft has a suspected hydraulic leak and is to land on runway 1 where rescue teams were waiting for the aircraft.

It is currently unkown how many passengers are on board.

We can confirm the Air Canada aircraft has landed safely at just before 4pm and was able to move by itself to runway 34 and was told to hold.

The captain asked Dublin ATC if they could see any hydraulic fluid on the runway, ATC then told all rescue vehicles to hold short of runway 1.

All passengers and crew are safe.





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