Do you want to save your park or green space?

Do you want to save your park or green space from greedy housing developers?

windy grasses

Well, you can with the ‘Save our spaces’ campaign which is a project to save 2000 green spaces by 2022.

Newton Park in Timperley was almost lost in recent times although a single resident and then the park group who did not use the same service but won the day and is now a Centenary Field, it did give people a wake-up call though that all of our parks and green spaces could be at risk.

We have heard in recent weeks that the green space ‘Selsey fields’ in Sale is under threat although nothing has so far proved anything, however, to make sure this is kept as a green space we suggest everyone right now clicks this LINK

4000 green spaces are lost every year here in the UK and Trafford Council who are approving almost every housing development more so in Partington people need to claim the land now before its too late.

It would be speculative to say which parks or green spaces are under threat, the public would fight tooth and nail to save a park or green space and if the campaign was as good as the ‘Save Turn Moss’ group the chances of saving your bit of green space is very high as that campaign was the best we have ever covered.

It would take more than a campaign though to take on a huge housing developer than an ex-footballer, let’s get our parks and green spaces protected, remember your councillors will not tell you about any plans for a park or green space to be turned into a block of flats or a shopping centre.



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