Golf just got better with the ONUCA teardrop graphite driver shaft

ONUCA a major player in golf shaft technology have done many years of research into what makes the best driver shaft.

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The Chinese company with German engineer Andreas Stulz have developed a match winning driver shaft to make your golf swing more aerodynamic.

With rounded shafts the club tends to wobble so when a player hits the ball, more often than not it would end up somewhere other than where the player directed it to.

This new shaft stops all of that with some seriously cool innovations, looking at both Aerodynamics and Deflection.

Deflection, a tendency to ‘wobble’ is inherent in a normal spherical (circular) graphite shaft. Inconsistencies in the golfer’s swing arc, swing speed and approach swing to the ball all contribute to deflection. Deflection causes the golf head to ‘wobble’ and this can cause a ripple effect that sends the ball off it’s intended course.

With Aerodynamics, they looked at drag of the shaft, using a teardrop triangular design makes the driver move in the air better meaning a faster swing and more power which translates into more distance.

In conclusion, the Onuca Teardrop shaft shape offers performance characteristics and stability enhancements not available in conventional round graphite shafts.

If you are interested in giving your game that exciting boost get yourself one of these shafts, they are currently £150 on Ebay

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