EE has for the 6th year in a row won best mobile network by RootMetrics

EE (Everything Everywhere) has for the 6th year in a row has continued to be the best network according to RootMetrics.


RootMetrics looks at all of a network from internet speeds to signal strength, despite this EE is not the best for mobile internet speeds in Manchester, the winner this year goes to Vodafone with EE in second and last was O2.

Signal strength can be  hit and miss on all networks and the coverage map is only a prediction so in reality the coverage map is a complete lie and should never be used to detemine which network provider you go with.

To get an accurate picture of signal you will have to do some simple research, if you have a bit of time get hold of different sims all of which are free from providers, use a sim free handset the one you will be using the most and check yourself.

What we know so far is EE is incredibly poor in the Brooklands area of Sale, and we have been told by a BT engineer that the signal is bad everywhere he went in Sale, We know in some parts of Partington the signal is poor.

It is not always the networks fault for poor signal other factors can cause the issues such as trees, dips, water and even the material your flat or house is made from.

1G to 4G works by sending signals from a mast these signals will bounce of the ionesphere and back down to the ground, if a load of trees are in the way the signal will be lost and so the ariel in your handset will only get a tiny bit meaning 1 bar or no signal on your handset, in the same way if your flat or house has thick walls the signal will be bouncing around but cannot get through the walls.

5G though will end all of the poor signal issues as it will be beamed into you and wherever you are, great for signal and speeds bad for human and animal health once the power increases.

As for EE they are a huge network, we do not agree with RootMetrics at all as the  signal is poor and the poor amount of pay and go phones means that if you want to be on EE it is more likely you will have to get a Pay Monthly handset which is very expensive.

We also know in the past that customer services could be much improved.

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