Work on the HS2 line through Cheshire has now started

Work on the HS2 line through Cheshire has started with ground investigations.

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HS2 route in Cheshire: Image HS2


HS2 has said that before any line is laid they need to make sure what the ground is like first.

Ground investigations will include a range of thechniques including drilling into the ground, and taking samples of rock and soil which will be looked at in special labs.

Information from the works will help design the route making sure everything is safe underground.

Many parish councils had the chance to see workmen in action to see for themselves what ground investigations is all about this also included local councillors.

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hS2 Partington/Warburton route: Image HS2

HS2 is coming to Trafford and an announcement will be made soon about when Partington and Warburton will see the same work being done, HS2 have been contacted about two ancient graves by ourselves and it is with hope they do not disturb them.

Looking at the current map it seems HS2 have listened to our concerns and have moved the line more south which will mean the monks grave will remain undisturbed which also means Partington will not get as much vibrations or noise pollution once the HS2 line is operational.

At Partington the HS2 train will be going very fast at around 150mph or even faster! with speeds like that noise and vibrations will become a big issue for local Partington residents and everyone in Warburton, two areas that have been somewhat neglected by Trafford Council.

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