Heath Farm Lane in Partington update

Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington that has been approved by the council but nothing has yet happened.


We have continued to keep an eye on this housing development that would likely to see Partington swamped.

Nothing much has changed to Heath Farm Lane since it has been approved, nothing other than a gate and some bollards behind a coded security gate and a cone.


Wire tipping Heath Farm Lane: Image Darren Marsden

It is currently unknown why nothing much has happened as this hybrid housing development will take a few years to complete it would be of benefit to the housing developer to start work as soon as possible.

We have seen some very bad fly tipping to the other side, today Aug 17 a pile of wires and some bushes has been dumped, a car was parked up but no one was around, we are aware drug users also come to the side where the fly tipping is seen.


A gate and another one Heath Farm Lane: Image Darren Marsden

Motorbike gangs also use this lane to access land in front that is supposed to be for cycling! something the housing developer needs to look at to make sure no motorbike gangs can access not only the cycle path but also the newly built homes.

We will keep checking Heath Farm Lane in Partington keeping you up to date.

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