We celebrate World Photography Day in style

Photography now is big business, from DSLR’s to point and shoot cameras everyone is now snapping away.

DSC07762 (1)

Swans and Cignets in Sale: Image Darren Marsden

With smartphone cameras getting better and better this is helping people get some amazing pictures wherever they go.

If you have a photo you wish to share with us please send it in with your name and where the photo was taken to: newsdesk@news4trafford.com and we will display the best ones soon.

If you want great photos at any range we would always suggest buying a DSLR or even a bridge camera as these camers use optical lenses where as most mobile phone cameras are digital, although we have seen a couple of mobile phones use some optical lenses so they are catching up.

Here then is our best photos taken (all images ©DarrenMarsfdenImages) you can also buy some images in our downloads store for just £1 and all downloads are secure.

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If you see any you like please contact us and we will add it to our downloads list for you to purchase, all images are optical quality.

Have a great day snapping.

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