Dangerous 5G mast with 12 antennas to go up near a school in Stretford

EE and the Three network are looking to put up a 5G mast and 12 antennas near a school in Stretford.


The mast will be bigger than everything around it standing at 20m and unlike normal mobile masts which have only 1 or 2 cabinets this one will have several next to the mast.
This mast will be installed on Bradfield Road in Stretford very close to Moss Park infant school.

We believe councillors and the school have been informed of the plans to put up this mast and associated antenna and cabinets.

Councillors will have been told some things about 5G that are not completely true by both EE and Three, checking the covering letter we can see they have once again shifted the blame on the World Health Organisation having checked many times they have not said anything about 5G safety!

If you check a recent government meeting that was aired on Parliament TV about 5G you could hear lots of concerns over safety and no real answers were given only to yet again re-direct people to the World Health Organisation or even Public Health England which both have next to no information on safety.

The ICNIRP talks rightly about non-ionizing radiation, this is though, for normal masts, the power of 5G is significantly higher than say 4G and works in a completely new way where it is beamed through someone which will without question lead to pregnant women possibly causing some dangerous issues.

One minister said on that same Parliament TV debate about 5g “With 3G and 4G the signal went around us with 5G it will go through us” that is enough for anyone sceptical about how dangerous 5G is.

We understand the benefits of 5G, only yesterday we saw one man getting over 400mb download speeds, this is amazing! is it worth it though?

5G will once it is properly rolled out on lampposts and everywhere else will be the leading concern even more than the pollution that we have now, and we can right now guarantee you all that the results of people falling ill or worse will be kept hidden from the public.

We are lucky though we have a very reliable source within the NHS and the information will no doubt be leaked to us about a spike in melanoma cancer cases and lost pregnancies, we will get the information and tell you all about what is happening.

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