Staff at Dunham Massey Country Park are telling people not to be feeding the deer in the park

Dunham Massey Country Park staff have asked people not to be feeding the deer by hand or by any other means.

The park has over 200 deer and appear to be good natured, however people forget that even though they are nice are in fact wild animals and can in some instances attack and at an alarming speed.

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 12.42.54 PM

Deer in Dunahm Masset Country Park: Image National Trust

You are also not allowed to have a picnic anywhere in the park, you must use the benches and the areas provided as if you picnic anywhere else the deer can approach you.

Although deaths have occurred by deer all around the UK  they are very rare with only two or three people a-year being killed, many though are injured.

Leave these wild animals alone, stay well clear of them (if you need to take photos you can do but from a distance) and get on with enjoying with what is an amazing park to have a nice walk around.

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