Unknown bug found in a ready made salad bowl from Amazon at Morrisons

A bug was found in a ready made salad bowl that was deliverd from Amazon at Morrisons (Prime)


The individual was eating the salad when he spotted the bug, he then stopped eating the salad and contacted customer services.

After around an hour he got a call from Amazon and we are told was very helpful and offered him a refund and a one of £5 credit off his next shop.

They are escalating the issue with the company who produces the salad bowls, in the interests of consumer safety the affected batch of salad bowls could be removed and a full investigation as to how this unknown bug got to be in the lettuce in the first place.

The salad bowls are pre-washed and checked before hand, it seems this little critter which we believe was dead slipped through the net.

Will you be checking your salads? this is not the first time we have heard of odd things in food, in recent times plastic was found in a fruit pie baked by Co-op, a long worm was found in a Tuna and Sweetcorn sandwich from Co-op, bugs have been found in chips from a Sale chippy.


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