People are starting to stockpile food and medicine as we get closer to Brexit day

Some people in the UK are starting to stockpile food and medicine as the brexit doom date gets ever closer.

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Boris Johnson should have stayed on that zipwire

A survey conducted shown people are starting to stockpile tinned food and things like pot noodles and other packet foods, medicines are also being stockpiled as people get worried about a no-deal Brexit.

Toilet rolls and other personal products are also being stockpiled, the facts are even the government has stockpiled foods and has the army on standby which is why we have seen training around Manchester.

Although Boris Johnson has said we are to come out of the EU with or without a deal on October 31st, it is not as simple as that and it will be delayed, once this has happened a general election will be called.

Labour will kill off the Tories this time around and will hold a second referendum, the problems will continue though as if everyone votes to leave again, then more arguments, more meetings will take place and EU may just dump us anyway.

In the event, Boris Johnson gets what he wants and we do leave without a deal then we will be under US control something the Tories have always wanted, if we get a deal then we will be in the same situation as we are now with almost no control of our laws and almost everything else.

The reality is the EU has chained us to a post for all these years and they dictate everything we do, we need to get rid of them and take back our own country, dictate our laws which many know are out of date.

So if Boris Johnson gets us a deal we are no better off, it is actually better if we came out of the EU without a deal, it will be a little messy at the start, but the UK has traded from many other countries, the ports will not be backed up since we are an island and have many other ports to use.

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