Largest earthquake to date at Preston New Road must now end all fracking at the site for ever

The largest earthquake to date happened this morning measuring 2.9 on the richter scale around the Blackpool area.

Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 12.50.41 PM

Preston New Road Fracking site: Credit Cuadrilla

Fracking is responsible for the earthquake and all the others that have occurred since fracking started at Preston New Road in Blackpool.

Cuadrilla will have to stop fracking for several hours after a seismic event, this though must now put an end to fracking at the site.

We have read hundreds more protesters are to turn up at the site sometime today and tomorrow to urge the energy firm not to continue.

Fracking is not the best way of getting energy, it is highly toxic and does not help our environment, Labour have said in the past they would prefer greener alternatives, off shore wind farms and solar energy is the way forward.

Fracturing rock deep below the ground to get energy is simply not right, we have already damaged our environment now we are trying to damage deep below us, the earth is going through a revenge spell, and of course a solar minimum something humanity cannot control.

Cuadrilla say that the earth tremors are micro-siesmic events lasting no longer than 1 second, people in Blackpool though are becoming increasingly concerned as they are experiencing larger tremors and now a small earthquake.

The damage this site is causing is just to significant to ignore and Cuadrilla needs to stop any more fracking at this site, not for a few hours, months or years but for ever! bringing some stability to the Blackpool area and comfort for all those living anywhere near the site.


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