Sale station is 170-years-old this year we take a look into its history

The station at Sale which is now used for trams is 170-years-old this year.

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It opened on July 20th 1849 as a rail station, the station was then called ‘Sale Moor station’ in 1856 then in 1883 it was renamed ‘Sale and Ashton on Mersey station’ and then in 1931 was back to being called ‘Sale’.

The station and all the other stations on the Altrincham line was closed by British Rail in 1991, after 6-months had passed the station was re-opened for Metrolink which it still is today.

The first ever tram was the T-68 which was in service for many years, Metrolink have replaced this model with the M5000.

The Altrincham line used to also have freight coming down the line and sometimes trains going through to Chester.

Metrolink has been a huge success and ever expanding making public transport a better option than the car helping the environment and getting passengers from A to B much faster.

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