Earth tremor shakes a small village in Cheshire

A small village in Cheshire woke up to a earth tremor during yesterday morning Aug 27th

Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 10.09.42 PM

Epicentre: Image Google Maps

The small earthquake which came out of the blue at around 1am measured 1.4 on the richter scale and was 6km deep, the epicentre was in a place called Bridgemere.

Although this was a mini earthquake it woke up some people, the earthquake caused no damage.

Bigger earthquakes are being measured around the Preston New Road area due to fracking.

If the HS2 line is ever built people in the Partington and Warburton area will feel something similar when a speeding train goes past at around 200mph, even with vibration dampeners, people will still feel the vibrations which will be equivelent to the Cheshire earth tremor.

The largest earthquake to hit the UK was a 6.1 magnitude shaker in the North Sea in 1931, in 2008 a 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Market Rasen in Lincs.

Many tiny earth tremors happen a fair bit in the UK even though we do not have any significant fault lines.


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