Huge fly tip seen in Partington at a known grot spot

Partington for a while now has all but cleaned up its act until we bumped into a very big fly tip on Chapel Lane.


The photo does not do this justice, it is very big and looks to be from a builder, other bits of rubbish can be seen in the bushes just before you get to the scene.

This area of the fly tip is on Chapel Lane just passed Cross Lane Park has had some big fly tips though, on one occasion we saw and reported around 20 full bags of rubbish in that same area at the time the councillor was Karina Carter and she helped get this removed.

In recent times we have seen a van that looked to have been torched to some extent, this was removed.

Fly tipping is a crime and you can get punished big time if the council gets any evidence of you fly tipping, of course builders will do everything when no one is watching, although the council will look for identification, a trail left behind can give the smallest of clues.

Report any fly tipping to either your councillors or through the my.trafford website, you can report lots of other things on the website from potholes to dead animals on the road.

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