Hurricane Dorian set to hit the Florida area on Tuesday

Hurricane Dorian is set to bang into Florida on Tuesday has been upgraded to a cat 5 hurricane and emergency services have warned people to evacuate.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 7.31.33 PM.png

Hurrican Dorian path: credit Fox News

The Cat 5 hurricane will hit parts of Florida on Tuesday and will move in a circle that will brush the coast line all the way to Jacksonville and further up the coast.

Windspeeds are currently 185mph has made landfall in the bahamas and moving slowly towards the US mainland.

Some people have said this is down to Climate change, which is really not true since hurricanes occur naturally with or without climate change, the frequency of these events though will rise as the earth becomes warmer.

Dorian though is a monster hurricane and residents have been warned to evacuate and fasten down everything, boards will protect the glass, we have seen hurricanes that have taken of roofs! only so much you can do.

The biggest threat to life is the storm surge from the sea, and the amount of rain this huge hurricane will dump on land, leading to severe flooding, loss of power and nowhere to go.

People travelling to Florida for a late holiday on Monday or Tuesday of next week could be delayed as airliners take a different route into the area, if going to Jacksonville it is expected flights will be cancelled until the hurricane has passed.


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