New iPhones to be shown at a special event in California soon

Apple is to showcase the new range of iPhones and other technology at a special event in California.

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Apple special event: Credit Apple

It is still speculation as to what Apple will reveal on September 10th in California, what we do know is two of the iPhones will be called iPhone 11 and 11 plus both will be top-end handsets…well for Apple!

We expect Apple to reveal a budget iPhone although if you remember the XR this was supposed to be a budget handset, it ended up expensive with budget specs!

Will Apple reveal a new iWatch? we believe they have one with a camera now! now think about this why would you want a watch with a camera on it?

The new OS will be revealed, of course, it has been tested to the max with beta releases, the final version of iOS 13 will be available soon after the Apple event.

iPhones are simple to use, the OS is not confusing with no hidden menus, the calendar function is way more advanced and simple to use than Android, this is what is great with the iPhone.

The hardware is where Apple lags behind the times, no memory card slots, we do not agree with the removal of the headphone jack, the sound quality is poor for music although a basic equaliser is part of the OS it does nothing to remove the ‘tin can’ sound.
On an iPhone,

We expect the best! 4K screen, Dolby for music and video, 24mp cameras as standard with one optical lens, removal of that horrid camera sound, memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, and every iOS release should come with something different not the same OS as we have always had.

If you have a Samsung you have the latest and greatest as they continue to move further away from Apple and all the others, Apple has the knowledge, the money and the ambition to claw some of that distance back, just they probably do not have the vision to do so.

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