Look out for some war aircraft over Manchester this weekend

This weekend Sept 6-8 is the Southport air show and many of the aircraft will come over the Manchester area.

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It is likely you will see the Lancaster Bomber, Royal Navy Black Cats, Red Arrows, and many more.

The air show looks to be one of the best around and the fun starts at 6pm, the best days to see all the aircraft in action and over the hopefully blue skies of Manchester will be on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is a timetable of planned flights which you can find by clicking on this LINK

The Lancaster and other war aircraft will be taking off and landing at Woodford Aerodrome which is what we will be more likely to see during the weekend, if you are in Partington it is possible you will get to see some Chinook helicopters or other war time helicopters who tend to refuel at City Airport Manchester.

With a good bridge camera with 63x zoom or more you will get a great shot, it is hard to say where the best place in Trafford is to see all these military aircraft, in the past we have spotted many military aircraft over the Partington area mostly in Cross Lane Park.

Walton Park in Sale is another good place to see aircraft going to Woodford, we tell you from experience to keep your hand on the trigger and be patient to get the best pictures!

You will get some good results with a DSLR with a large telephoto lens, having a good bridge camera though with huge zoom is even better as its lighter and gets to the subject without having the need to crop the picture.

If you want to be at the Southport air show you can buy tickets by clicking HERE


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