Did One Trafford use a strimmer to cut the grass on a Sale park’s football pitch?

Residents who use a Sale Park are fuming after someone from One Trafford left them with a badly cut football pitch.


Walton Park in Sale is no stranger to reports that the council had done a bad job of the football pitch and surrounding it, a couple of years back things got so bad that people were seen cutting the grass themselves.

The pitch when cut proper which it had been for a while looks good for any football game or walking the dog so long as people pick up after them which we can say all dog walkers in this park does.

We investigated complaints and could see that the grass was badly cut leaving lines of uncut grass, it seems whoever did this bad job just went over the top of the grass, in areas the grass is so long it covered people’s feet!

Dog balls get lost under the many piles of grass that had been left after the One Trafford worker left the scene.

We have also been made aware other parks have had the same poor treatment and are also unhappy at the poor standards this time around.

A report by ourselves has been sent to One Trafford and Brooklands councillors to make sure the previous good standards are kept and work to cut the grass in Walton Park is to commence as soon as possible.

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