HS2 archeologists find the ancient burial ground in Warburton

HS2 archaeologists have found an ancient burial ground in Warburton.

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We are told that any ancient burial grounds and anything found within will be treated with respect and nothing will be disturbed.

We already were fully aware of the ancient grave.

The line proposed and heavily delayed will run very close to the mound around 400m south of Partington.

We are now already aware of another ancient burial ground on the eastern side of Warburton Lane although this does not cause any issues for HS2 although it will do for a new housing development proposed to be built on the land.

Warburton is rich in history, with burial grounds and ancient items found, including grade 2 listed buildings it must be all preserved and signposted so that our children and indeed adults can learn about the past and how they lived.

The ancient burial ground south of Partington was a monks grave, it is thought 16 people are buried under the mound, a monastery used to stand where a farmhouse is now.

Partington itself has some history to it with Coroners Woods which includes plants that were around when the dinosaurs were around! it is an amazing place and Partington needs to preserve and look after it.

Many thanks to HS2 for doing the investigations and more importantly understanding that Warburton and Partington need to keep hold of any history and embrace it with some TLC for not only now but for generations to come.


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