Man who built a homemade taser and threatened to attack muslims with it has been jailed

A man who built a homemade taser which he threatened to use to attack Muslims has been jailed.


Darren Dale (05/09/1978) of Reads Avenue, Blackpool was sentenced to three years and four months in prison at Preston Crown Court on Friday 6 September 2019 after pleading guilty to threats to kill and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.

On Thursday 14 February 2019 police officers went to Dale’s home address for a pre-arranged visit as he had expressed extreme right wing views in the past.

When police entered his home and spoke with Dale he began to make racist comments towards Muslims.

When questioned further by police Dale then told the officers about his violent plans to attack and kill Muslims.

Dale also told police about YouTube videos he had watched online on how to make explosive devices.

When officers were about to leave Dale showed them several weapons including a steel bar from a dumb bell, a knife and two tasers – one which he had made himself. Dale boasted the taser was as powerful as a police one and that he would simply need to connect the device to a battery for it to work.

At 10pm that same night officers revisited Dale’s home after they had obtained a search authority and arrested him.

A house search was conducted where more weapons were uncovered including a black plastic block with wires sticking out.

Dale was charged and subsequently pleaded guilty.

Speaking after the case, Head of Investigations for Counter Terrorism Policing for the North West, Detective Superintendent Will Chatterton, said: “It’s horrifying that an individual planned to carry out a pre-empted venomous attack intending to harm people because of their religion.

“As a result of our police officers working closely with Counter Terrorism specialists, Dale’s intentions were thwarted long before he could ever carry them out and I hope that is a fact that gives people good reason to be confident in the ability of the police to identify, prevent and prosecute such offenders.

“Our first priority will always be to keep people safe.

“Thanks to the diligence of our partners and Lancashire Police, who we could not have secured today’s sentence without, another dangerous man is behind bars.”

To report any suspicious activity call police on 0800 789 321.

Anyone who sees extremist content online can report their concerns anonymously to specialist officers at the world-leading Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit atwww.gov.uk/report-terrorism.

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