Big mystery in Norway as loads of dogs die and no one has any answers why

Many dogs in Norway have died and nobody knows why.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The dogs have all been hit with severe diarrhea, several vets have treated the dogs and some have sadly died.

An autopsy was carried out on three dogs who died and the report said that all had clear signs of serious bowel disease.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is still looking widely for possible causes that have killed so many dogs, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. So far, there are no signs that the animals have been poisoned by known substances.

Norwegian Food Safety Authority, together with the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, will continue to work on mapping the disease outbreak with information from autopsies, samples from sick dogs and obtaining in-depth information from relevant dog owners.

For the time being, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s advice to those with pets in Norway is on restricting close contact between dogs remains valid.

The general condition of several of the dogs has deteriorated rapidly, some have been vomiting and some of the dogs have died.

Norwegian Food Safety Authority does not currently know what have caused the symptoms, as studies so far have not provided definite answers as to what may be the cause of the disease.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority first received information about the disease cases from veterinarians in the Oslo area, and has since also received information on dogs with similar symptoms in other parts of the country. At present there is no basis to say whether the cases are related.

So far Norway authorities say there are no indications that this disease is something that can infect humans.

Here in the UK we are still trying to find out what is the cause of Alabama Rot which is a completely different disease which attacks the kidneys of a dog, still the same where such a huge outbreak occurs, pet owners here need to keep a close eye on things.


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