Hurricane Humberto just about to smash into Bermuda

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A dangerous hurricane is just about to smash into Bermuda at around 130mph before moving north and east.


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The hurricane is moving at 20 mph North East towards Bermuda, The National Hurricane Centre has issued warnings.

Currently in the atlantic with Hurrican Humberto is a tropical storm named Jerry which is currently 60 mph and moving West North West at 15mph, this storm might form into a Hurricane at some point so one to watch.

A Tropical depression is currently on the East coast of the US which has sustained winds of 30mph, this could also become much stronger in the next few days.

You can watch the hurricane in Bermuda by clicking this LINK so long as the camera is still working you should get an idea of how bad things are.

Here in the UK it is anyone’s guess as to when ‘and if’ we are to get some named storms as winter approaches, we have had some very strong winds in the past, we are lucky though as the strongest winds are just gusts, with the hurricanes like Humberto they are 130 mph ‘sustained’ winds which must be horrific.

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