US vaping deaths and India banning vapes could this spell the end of vaping?

With the known deaths from vaping in the US and now India banning them we ask could this be the end of vaping?

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Vaping is, without doubt, the best way to come off evil cigs that are more addictive than crack cocaine and heroin (scientific fact)

With the 6 deaths in the US and now India banning vaping all together we look to what the UK government is going to do, and despite all focus on Brexit, they have said that despite the deaths in the US, the UK is not going to ban vaping but are keeping a close eye on things.

The six deaths in the United States are six too many however how big is the US? how many people die each year around the world because of smoking? it is easy to see vaping is the better option if you cannot end your use of cigarettes.

The issues with the US deaths were we believe down to cannabis oils being used in some of the vapes and some people mixing them up, no conclusive proof is available at this time why they died.

Vaping has its dark sides though, it is more attractive to younger people with the sweet smells, some of which are very nice, however, it is simply fragrant oils with some nicotine inside it and not enough is known about the side effects of vaping.

The side effects though cannot be as bad as normal smoking which in reality is much the same as sniffing a smokey bus exhaust! the number of gases in normal cigs are the same, the warnings are on the packet are not just to ween you off them, but to advise you of how dangerous they are!

Here in the UK, vapes will be around for a while yet unless suddenly many people start to have problems and then some decisions will have to be made, the UK also needs tighter controls so that kids cannot get hold of them.

We have to also look at the cigarette industry and what part they have to play in making people think vaping is bad or could cause death, as the saying goes “money talks and you know what runs the marathon!”

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