Thousands of people protest about 5G in Switzerland over health fears

Thousands of people held a protest outside the Swiss House of Parliament in Bern on September 21st over 5G health fears.


Top of the mast: Image Darren Marsden

The protesters do not want  the Switzerland mobile networks to roll out 5G until safety tests have been done.

Interestingly the Swiss Federation of Doctors have also urged caution on the roll out of 5G.

5G has never been tested in the same way as 4g and 3g and people around the world are very concerned about the technology and the poor way the networks have responded whenever someone is concerned with the technology often always the network would be referring them to the World Health Organisation who do not have any information on safety testing of 5G.

Whilst many people understand that ‘non-ionizing’ radiation does not do as much harm, this is for very low frequencies and low power, once you get into the 5G wavelengths which will end up as a ‘MMwave’ and the power will increase and so to the radiation.

All over the EU countries are halting out any roll out of 5G until it is clear that no harm can be done to humans, pets and wildlife.

Here in Manchester not many people have caught on to the dangers of 5G often because they think it is the same as what we have always had, it is much different! this apathy keeps the dummed down councillors quiet, it is them that need to respond to the dangers of 5G.

A new mast and 12 antennas is to go up in Urmston soon, the mast will be seen by just about everyone due to the increase in height, we advise people not to be anywhere near the mast on Higher Lane if you can, limit your exposure and you will be fine, we suggest to pregant mothers to keep away from this mast and antennas if you can.



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