Thomas Cook still flying people back to the UK despite the threat of going into administration

Thomas Cook continues to fly people back to the UK despite on going financial issues with the company.


We have seen several videos showing people being locked into hotels and seemingly stranded at airports.

Looking at the airports around the world where Thomas Cook operates we can see many aircraft scheduled to return holidaymakers to the UK tonight and in the early hours.


Thomas Cook store in Sale: Image Darren Marsden

The Manchester bound Thomas Cook aircraft is scheduled to take off from Antalya in Turkey at an estimated 1.20am under flight number MT131.

Two other airlines will be taking on passengers back from Antalya to Manchester namely TUI and Jet 2 during September 23rd.

Thomas Cook also operates in Spain, Alicante and Ibiza however having checked we cannot find any Thomas Cook aircraft departing tomorrow. you can check the live flight information board at every airport by going to FlightRadar 24 and clicking on an airport where Thomas Cook departs.

With the CEO of Thomas Cook and other executives looking glum  tonight it looks more likely that the company cannot be saved and an announcement will be made in the next few hours on what is to happen to the company.

Thousands of people are abroad with Thomas Cook holidays and must now  be biting their nails instead of enjoying their holidays! getting back home is now the only priority, the UK government have said no one will be stranded, having said that photos have been seen in Antalya with people having to sit it out in the airport.


Workers for the company will also be awaiting the news hoping its good news as they will all be looking for work tomorrow if it turns out the company cannot be saved.

We hope to have a full update on what is to happen to the company shortly.


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