Mobile phones found to exceed FCC radiation exposure limits

Testing that was done recently by a US media company gave people a bit of a scare when they found radiation expousre levels to be higher than what is claimed.

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iPhone 11 Pro: Credit Apple

The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) on a handheld device is 1.6 watts per killogram of human tissue, testing done found this to be much more using an iPhone 7.

Some of the biggest selling mobile phones tested shown to have more radiation coming from them than what big named firms like Apple and Samsung are saying, however both have also said that the testing was not done proper despite tests being in a lab environment.

Apple and Samsung along with all the others need a FCC pass before a mobile phone can be sold to customers, the FCC are now checking The Chicago Tribunes findings and we await the answers.

We did some testing ourselves and found the iPhone 8 to warm up very fast to levels where we had to put the phone down, other handsets have done the same though we suggest to use a wired device or use the speaker so you do not expose your head to the radiation.

The non-ionizing radiation given off by mobile phones is not thought to cause cancer or anything else that can cause health problems, still the same even the guidelines tell people to do what we suggest.

People these days carry these handsets very close to the body, often we see them in back pockets of jeans and even people sleep with these devices! although mobile phones are something we all need these days, we have to just take a step back and remember that they are all radio devices and emit radiation and the effects are still unknown.

You can find out more about mobile phone safety by clicking this LINK

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