Flooding will be more of a problem in Trafford due to Climate Change

This year has seen more rainfall in the North West than at any other time with rivers already full it will mean more flooding issues.

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We are seeing our rivers and canals rise even without any rainfall! when the rain comes becuase the rivers are already full we will get more flooding and this will only get worse in the months and years ahead.

Things are getting so bad that the Environment Agency have bought a a building very close to the River Mersey in Sale so they can store flooding equipment and sand.

A report by the EA says that the River Mersey in 2019 so far has seen a notably high river flow.

Looking at the bigger picture the North west from 2018/19 a sharp rise in rainfall with a total of 1,364mm the long term average is 118! in every month of this year we have seen higher than normal rainfall.

This weekend it is predicted to be a complete washout, Sinderland Brook in Partington was very high yesterday and we are expecting this to flood if weather predictions are accurate.

You can see the full report in PDF form by clicking the LINK

People that live along rivers and brooks are prone to flooding must take steps to help protect property,


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