We offer special advice for Trafford Councillors who need help whilst out and about

Trafford councillors in part do a great job for the residents of all the wards of this borough they have now asked for some protection at a standards meeting held at the council on September 25th.

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We fully understand that sometimes councillors can get into a bit of trouble from some insane individuals who go further than just giving negative feedback.

No one should have to put up with bad behaviour from anyone, on the doorstep these councillors walk miles almost every day when an election is taking place, they put in some serious work something we feel is not noted when a resident gets upset with a councillor.

However councillors also once in power need to fully understand that they will get negative feedback, if they cannot accept any negative feedback they should look at what they are doing! negative feedback can actually make you a better councillor, it is simply that someone has spotted a weakness and they are telling you about it.

Some negative feedback  can go beyond that though and cause alarm to the councillor or to anyone for that matter, if threats are made this has to be reported to police, for a new councillor they will test the water and often make fools of themselves.

Trafford Council are looking at ways of how how they can best protect a member, we can suggest some things such as taking up a martial art, or go to a self defence course, a very good video with the message “Keep switched on” can be viewed below although it is about bouncers it’s a message for everyone and it’s worth watching! it contains some bad language though.

Councillors and MPs should learn from that video, it is very useful when out and about however taking up some martial art will help with more than physical stuff, it helps you to be more aware of your environment which often will help you see something before it happens.

Even if you are a woman councillor you can get lots from martial arts, and we seriously suggest having a look at it to better protect yourself and your family.

Learning talk downs is another good weapon to have, when confronted by a lunatic most times you only have to say things like “I have heard you are a nice chap” keep repeating but most importantly and at all times is you keep calm!, if you keep calm most often they will, or if they do not want to chat then say thank you and walk away.

We hope this is of help to all the councillors in Trafford including residents.

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