Hurricane Lorenzo heading for the UK

A hurricane currently in the Atlantic is heading towards the UK for next week.

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Hurricane Lorenzo will reach Southern Ireland first then head in the direction of Wales and Northern England next week.

The current speed of this hurricane is around 140 mph although by the time it gets near to Ireland and the UK it will have lost much of the energy due to the cooler waters, still the same the wind will be very strong.

We will see many more windy days as we go into winter as the solar minimum slowly kicks in, climate change has nothing to do with the windy weather here in the UK.

Trafford is expected to be fairly windy tomorrow with lots of rain which will cause flooding, it would only take an hour  or so of moderate rain to flood Sinderland Brook near Partington which would mean Covershaw Lane at its junction of Sinderland Lane will be flooded, farm land is already holding lots of rainwater and expect this to add to the flooding.

We will have more information on the approaching hurricane soon and keep checking the website for flooding information.